Taylee Pickering

My name is Taylee Pickering, and I'm an airman in the U.S. Air Force. I enlisted in the Air Force immediately after graduating from Douglas High School, and I am now stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Prior to enlisting, I had lived in Douglas County, Nevada my entire life. When I was 13 years old, I joined the Douglas County Sheriff's Office Explorer post. The program, in large part, helped prepare me for my life in the military. I am thankful for the program for many reasons. When I recently found out that Joe Duffy and Jim Halsey were running for Douglas County Sheriff and Undersheriff, I could not have been more proud. During my five years as an explorer, the years before then, and the years since then, Joe and Jim have been actively involved in the Explorer program. They would come to meetings, help us train, and never stopped pushing us to be the best that we could, also they would even travel with us to competitions to step in when we needed another advisor. These men truly care about the youth, community, and future of our beautiful county. Douglas County, if you want an involved, proactive, and honest Sheriff, you will vote Joe Duffy on June 12.

David Allen

I would like to add another voice in support of Joe Duffy for Douglas County Sheriff. I have known Joe and Teresa Duffy both personally and professionally for almost 25 years.

My wife was academy mates with both Joe and Teresa in Class 266 of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. She served as a bridesmaid at their wedding and the Duffy's lived with her until their house in Gardnerville was ready after they moved here from Los Angeles.

Personally, I know Joe is devoted to his wife and son, his God and his community. Professionally, I got to know Joe when I served as a police officer for the City of South Lake Tahoe. Although we didn't serve at the same agency, as neighboring agencies, we sometimes worked together when the times called for it.

I really got to learn about Joe's amazing work ethic and dedication to his work when we were both K9 handlers for our respective agencies. Despite what the public may hear, there is nothing more difficult in police work than working with a dog. Not SWAT, not Motors, Detectives or any of the other ancillary assignments. While handling a dog, there are times that we are in the public eye more often than other patrol officers or deputies, due to public demonstrations, school visits and actual work situations. Everyday there is some type of constructive, meaningful training. Because the dog is the sharp end of the spear while conducting narcotics searches, building searches or tracking the bad guys, the dog and handler must train every day to keep sharp.

There is a saying in the K9 community in that "There are no bad dogs, just bad handlers." Both of us worked very hard not to be one of those "bad handlers." I know Joe succeeded as a handler, a deputy, a supervisor and as an administrator for the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

He'll succeed as your Sheriff if you give him your vote. I know he has mine.

Paulette Lawless

As a former Douglas County Sheriff's Office employee, I have had the pleasure of knowing Capt. Joe Duffy and Capt. Jim Halsey since they began their careers more than 20 years ago. Joe and his wife Teresa have dedicated their lives to law enforcement and this community. They are both employed at DCSO and their son Maverick is a member of the DCSO Explorers. Joe has worked in all the divisions of the Sheriff's Office. He has extensive knowledge of this Department and our community. He has served in numerous positions of authority during his tenure at the Sheriff's Office. In addition, he is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, Commands the SWAT team, K9 Unit and is considered an expert in gangs. Joe's wife, Teresa is the Youth Services Officer at DCSO. She devotes herself to the children of Douglas County often giving countless hours of her own personal time as well as work time.

Capt. Jim Halsey served this community and our country in dual careers. During his time with DCSO he has also served as a Chief Warrant Officer in the Navy, active and reserve. Jim's wife, Frankie has always been loving and supportive of her husband. His devotion to law enforcement and our country have taken him away from her on many occasions. She has always shown the utmost devotion to Jim and their family.

Both Joe and Jim support our youth and seniors in Douglas County. They understand that first and foremost their duty is to serve the public.

With their years of experience and concern for the betterment of our community, I feel they are the winning team for Sheriff and Undersheriff of Douglas County.

David and Robin Futch

In Support of Joe Duffy

We moved to the Carson Valley area in August 2012, and, not long after, met Joe and his family. Our sons went to school together and became fast friends, and our friendship with Joe and Teresa began.

Since then, I’ve grown to truly appreciate and admire Joe’s commitment to the community we all share. He’s a strong advocate for our youth and seniors.

Maybe some of you remember an old TV series from the 60’s called ”Gunsmoke”. Ok, don’t laugh!

Sure, it was just a fictional TV show, but the underlying values, integrity, vision, and attitude displayed by the main character embody how Joe lives his personal and professional life.

What Joe is...
He’s a man who truly cares about the people who make up this community. He’s a man of humility. He’s a man for truth and justice, even when it’s not popular. He’s a family man.

Joe has our vote!

Troy Wright

As you may or may not know, I am Ex-Military and A retired Deputy Sheriff from El Dorado County, and I worked out of South Lake Tahoe. I worked for years as a Detective along side many of Douglas Counties best Officers. I have lived in Minden for more Than 20 years.

I am endorsing Captain Joe Duffy, and his Undersheriff choice Jim Halsey ( Also a US Military Veteran) for Undersheriff. Joe has been in public service for most of his life. These are exactly the type of people I want protecting me and my family, here in my hometown. Joe is pictured along side his wife Teresa Lieto Duffy, who also serves our community.

Michele Romero

To Whom It May Concern;

I wanted to write a little something to share why I am supporting Joe Duffy for Sheriff. I have known Joe and his family for many years. I not only consider Joe a personal friend but someone within the community that can be counted on. Joe possess the attributes that it takes to be a leader. I could make this letter about his involvement with SWAT, the K9 unit or gang enforcement but I won’t. Everyone who knows Joe already knows his resume. The Joe I want to write about is the man who involves himself in community events, not because he has to, but because he wants too, because he cares about the community and the people who live in it. I want to write about the man who is willing to step up and do what is best for the community. Joe Duffy is someone I want to support and someone who I want supporting me. I know Joe will do his very best to protect Douglas County and its citizens. Joe is that kind of man. A good man. A man well deserving to be elected Sheriff. Vote for Joe. I am.

Michele Romero